Health Plus Social Franchising

This is the executive summary of the project. You can also view the analysis of the project's success using KPA tools.

This is a case where various tangible and intangible capital successfully interacted to arrive at a flourishing delivery system of low-priced health products for the poor in the province of Antique. These capital are as follows:

  • the network of community-based people’s organizations dispersed all over the province (structural capital), investing money (financial capital), skills and experiences (human capital) to own and operate Health Plus outlets;
  • the social franchising business model and technical support (structural capital) of the National Pharmaceuticals Foundation (stakeholder capital);
  • financial support of the Peace and Equity Foundation (stakeholder capital);
  • participation of the provincial local government units and the local Department of Health (DOH) (stakeholder capital);
  • harmonious relationships on the ground between local government units (LGU) officials and community organizations (social capital);
  • enabling laws (stakeholder capital) on generic drugs and Botika ng Barangay (BnB) that require the prescription of generics and the establishment of community pharmacy stores for the poor
  • enterprising and dedicated AFON executive director, available barangay health workers and barangay nutrition scholars who can assist in the outlets (human capital).

Because of the above-mentioned capital inputs, the project was able to establish a top-performing provincial franchise supplying a network of forty-three Health Plus outlets dispersed in all the eighteen municipalities of the province of Antique with a catchment area covering half the population of the province. Household savings on medicines are estimated at 50%. The outlets’ accessibility in terms of location and price can contribute to improved health.

The broad base of outlets in the communities, owned and operated by different organizations, combined with the comprehensive franchise technology support and a viable business/financial model, provides a good chance for the project to be sustained indefinitely.