Our Hearts and Minds Together: A Practical Handbook in Emotional Intelligence

CCLFI is happy to announce its latest book project, the "Our Hearts and Minds Together: A Practical Handbook in Emotional Intelligence." The book is published by Balboa Press; you can purchase it from Balboa Press or from Amazon.com.

Using the handbook, readers can hone their emotional intelligence (EI) skills using several practices that can:

  • Help in overcoming the emotional distress caused by the pandemic,
  • Provide more ways for professional life coaches to help people in distress,
  • Give a decisive edge for leaders who wish to excel in leadership skills,
  • Sharpen competencies in managing personal and professional relationships, or
  • Offer new avenues for spiritual growth.

It builds upon the twelve competencies in emotional intelligence (EI) identified for leaders by 15 experts led by EI expert Daniel Goleman, and learning organization guru Peter Senge. It is written by Serafin Talisayon based on his years of practice of spiritual discernment since 1987 and conscious living since 1999. Assisting him are more than a dozen friends who co-created the handbook by giving comments and advice for improvement, writing new paragraphs or pages, editing, starting to popularize it via social media, donating personal photographs, drawing infographics, providing more references and links, and so forth.


A training in basic EI skills for graduating students were piloted by CCLFI in partnership with the Regional Center for Central Luzon of the Philippine Carabao Center. Among the EI skills covered were self-awareness, managing stress, listening, managing relationship, and teamwork. While practicing teamwork skills, they produced a chronicle of their learning journey, "Training in Basic Emotional Intelligence: Class e-Journal". You  are free to download it by clicking on the book cover.

The e-book or paperback can be purchased from Amazon.com. You can download the free EI Learning Journal. It has two versions: file "EI Learning Journal - FOR TYPING" is for using MS Word in your computer, and file "EI Learning Journal - FOR PRINTING AND WRITING" is for printing to produce a hard copy you can write on. Select which version to download by clicking on the file name.

If you want to join a community of interested readers who can compare notes, add and enrich knowledge by contributing their own experiences, share insights and collaborate in ways "as the spirit moves you" you can join the Facebook group "Our Hearts and Minds Together" and subscribe to the YouTube channel "Our Hearts and Minds Together". If you benefited from the handbook and are willing to help provide scholarships for those who need life coaching or related training, or to support activities towards a next edition and sustainability of these efforts, you can donate via PayPal here. Thank you!

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