Learning Organization Diagnostics

Measure Your Organization’s Capacity to Support Learning and Innovation

CCLFI offers your organization a way to measure and benchmark your organization’s capacity to support learning and innovation among its members: Learning Organization Diagnostics©. Compare how your organization scores with more than 50 organizations in terms of ten dimensions of learning and innovation policies, systems and practices.

  1. Shared vision (vertical coherence)
  2. Interpersonal relationships (horizontal coherence)
  3. Learning oriented leader
  4. Learning oriented staff
  5. Systems thinking
  6. Mental models
  7. Internal and external sensing
  8. Knowledge generativity
  9. Team learning
  10. Innovation system

The output is an analysis of the strengths and weakness of your organization, and a set of recommendations for management to consider on how to use the strengths and overcome the weaknesses found in your organization.

If you are interested in applying this diagnostic tool on your organization, contact us.