Follow Your Creative Pathway: Pursuing Your Next Life Mission

The practical exercises in this book (click on the book cover to download) are about observing, reflecting, and connecting the dots between the big and small patterns in your daily life. The book is divided into Five Questions. Question One is about your peak life experience, which is that moment in your life when you felt greatest joy, happiness and fulfilment. That moment hides a big message about you. You will discover and be surprised that you have been all the time expressing your own unique creative pathways:

  • Re-Creating yourself into a new you, such as when you graduated from college, passed the government professional certification examination, or climbed to the top of a mountain.
  • Pro-Creating or helping another person re-create himself, such as when a mother gives birth, or a father sees his son walk his first steps, or a teacher seeing the happy faces of her students at graduation.
  • Creating something new whether it’s a dream garden, a computer game, or a book of poems.
  • Co-creating something with others, such as your basketball team winning the championship, your team finishing a worthwhile community service project, or participating in the preparations, practice and performance in a town parade.

This book will help you follow your creative pathways towards your next life mission and help co-create the New Earth.