Your insights and experiences are invaluable

There is a wealth of development experiences, insights and knowledge out there. The KPA provides a promising framework for organizing this wealth of knowledge into more useful forms.

Much still remains to be done in this work-in-progress. The role of the partners—CCLFI.Philippines and PEF—is to be a midwife to the birth of the idea and to open the door for other willing and able partners and co-operators to help in furthering the development of the framework and in its further operationalization into useful tools that can produce improved results for anti-poverty projects.

The questions listed on the right represent some of the key issues on which the KPA framework is built. We invite you to take the next step with us by visiting these links, reading what others have said, and sharing your own thoughts using the feedback form provided. It is through our collaborative efforts that the promises of the KPA framework can be realized.