Our Advocacies

KM Training for Green Climate Fund
June 2017

Apin went to Incheon, South Korea to brief the Senior Management Team of GCF and gave training in KM for their staff.


KM+Innovation for Sri Lanka Government Executives
December 2013

Apin served as resource person to help Sri Lanka Government executives learn how to apply KM and innovation in the public sector. Dr. Ida Yasin from Malaysia was the other resource person. The lady in red sari is Dr. Usharani Sahoo from India.

KM for the Bangladesh Government
September 2013

The Bangladesh Government wanted (a) project-based KM to better manage their development projects, (b) KM for policy making and (c) KM for improvement of service delivery. Apin was the KM specialist in an international team to assist the Bangladesh Government address these three objectives.

SPAFA Officers and Staff Learn KM
February 2013

SPAFA or SEAMEO Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts wanted more efficient and effective operations through KM. Apin conducted Skype interviews and diagnostic tests and then flew to Bangkok to help them select and practice KM tools that they needed.

KM for SME Owners and Managers
December 2012

Apin served as resource person in an APO Study Meeting on KM for SME Leaders in Taipei, Republic of China. Cezar Traviña and Julia Manrique from the Philippines were also in the study meeting

KM for SEAMEO Centre Directors
March 2012

Directors of twenty centres of the Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and officers of its secretariat converged at SEARCA in UP Los Banos to attend a training course in knowledge management last 29 February to 2 March 2012. Apin served as Technical Coordinator.

Joint article on Knowledge for Poverty Alleviation is published
May 2011

The article on "Knowledge for Poverty Alleviation: a Framework for Developing Intangible Assets of Low-Income Communities" jointly authored by Apin and Jasmin has been published. It is Chapter 12 of the book "Beyond the Knowledge Trap: Developing Asia's Knowledge-Based Economies" edited by Apin's friend and colleague Dr. Thomas Menkhoff (see picture) of Singapore Management University and published by World Scientific.

Knowledge Management for the Public Sector
November 2-5, 2010, Chuncheon, Korea

18 participants from 12 member-countries of APO (Asian Productivity Organization) converged in Chuncheon, Korea last November 2010 to talk about knowledge management for the public sector. Apin was designated by APO as Chief Expert, assisted by Resource Persons Praba Nair from Singapore and Ron Young of U.K. It appears that Asian governments that are more experienced in KM are are those of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The Philippines was represented by Dr. Agueda Sunga of the Department of Health. In the spirit of fun, "Global Institute of Silly Awards" were conferred to the workshop groups. Dr. Agie was given a special individual award "The Most Passionate Coconut Republic Citizen."

Dr. Agueda Sunga of DOH active in APO study meeting

Evaluating APO projects in Six Member Countries
May - October 2010

APO (Asian Productivity Organization) engaged Apin to do the second phase of impact evaluation of various APO projects. From July to September, together with APO Senior Program Officer Dr. Muhammad Saeed, Apin visited six APO member countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. 8 different questionnaires were designed and mailed to 1,928 respondents in 19 APO member countries. The results were presented and approved during the 51st Workshop Meeting of Heads of National Productivity Organizations (the national operating organizations linked to APO) in Bangkok last October 19, 2010. The projects are about enhancing productivity and quality (P&Q), including knowledge management. The project types include various multi-country training courses and programs, various e-learning courses, demonstration projects and deployment of services of technical experts. The photo below gives a glimpse of Apin's style of making interviewees feel at ease; it was taken with nurses at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok who were implementing a Thai P&Q innovation, Lean R2R.

Light moment with nurses at Siriraj Hospital

APO Meeting on KM for SME Owners-Managers
April 7-9, 2010, Tokyo, Japan

Apin Talisayon was engaged by APO to assist in designing and writing a practical guidebook on Knowledge Management for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Owners-Managers, which is envisioned to be published by APO around September 2010.

APO meeting on KM for SME owners-managers

Another joint paper with Vincent Leung
March 2010

Vincent Leung of PredictivAsia (Hongkong and Beijing) and Apin co-authored their second paper entitled "An Expanded Intellectual Capital Framework" which was published this month by the Associazione Italiana degli Analisti Finanziari (Italian Association of Financial Analysts). Click HERE to download it.

Global Consumption Capital Summit
December 9-10, 2009, Beijing, China

Apin was a guest speaker in the Global Consumption Capital Summit sponsored by the World New Economy Research Institute. He spoke on "Exploring Variants in Consumer and Employee Ownership Schemes" where he pointed out that 73% of value creation is by consumers and employees, yet control and ownership of corporations are exercised by owners of financial capital who contribute only 27% to value creation. The picture below was taken during the Opening Ceremonies.

Apin at Beijing conference on consumption capital

Knowledge Cafe at PLN Jakarta
November 30, 2010

Apin gave a KM talk at PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara), the state electricity company of Indonesia. PLN has a KM unit and program headed by Vice President Tentamia. The talk was arranged by the KM Society of Indonesia. He reconnected with KM friends such as Ms. Rayanti of KM Plus, which was engaged by PLN for a knowledge taxonomy project and Prof. Dr. Jann Hidayat Tjakraatmadja, President of KMSI.

Exploring Cooperation with ITB School of Business and Management
November 30, 2009, Bandung, Indonesia

The photo below was taken after Apin met with executives of the School for Business and Management, of the Bandung Institute of Technology last November 30, 2009 (Dean Dr. Ir. Dermawan Wibisono at the center, Dr. Prof. Jann Hidayat Tjakraatmadja is to the right, between them is Vice-Dean Dr. Ir. Utomo Sarjono Putro). The meeting explored KM cooperation between CCLFI and SBM. SBM is the top-ranking business school in Indonesia.

After CCLFI-SBM exploratory meeting

Study Meeting on KM Measurement
November 17-20, 2009, Taipei, Republic of China

Together with Kim Sbarcea of Australia and Praba Nair of Singapore, Apin Talisayon acted as resource person for the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and China Productivity Center-sponsored Study Meeting on KM Measurements. At the left is Kamlesh Prakash, APO programme officer. At the right is Kim Sbarcea of New Zealand/Australia and Praba Nair of Singapore.

Kamlesh Prakash of APO, Apin, Kim Sbarcea of NZ/Austrlia and Praba Nair of Singapore

KM Lecture at Dainam University
October 27, 2009, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Chairman of Dainam University presented Apin a gift after he gave a KM lecture for the students in their School of Business Administration. Apin rode with the Dean of the School that evening in the latter's motorbike around Hanoi and had Vietnamese dinner afterwards.

Dainam University Chairman giving Apin gift after KM lecture

Weblog is One Year Old
October 2, 2009

Today Apin's Weblog is one year old. It has been successful: it averages about 150 hits per day or about 1000 hits per week. The five most popular blog posts are:

KM in Agri-Biotech 2009
October 1-2, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand

Apin was the Keynote Speaker at the International Conference on Knowledge Management in Agricultural Biotechnology: the Asian Experience, sponsored by the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) and the Center for Agricultural Biotechnology, Kasetsart University. He spoke on "KM for Science and Technology in Asian Developing Countries."

KM Training for UNISDR, UNESCAP and regional NGOs
September 2-4, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand

The UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction - Asia Pacific engaged Dr. Apin Talisayon to provide its staff and those of UNESCAP and other regional NGOs a three-day training in Knowledge Management.

Class picture of UNISDR-AP KM course

First Global Intellectual Capital Summit
August 22-23, 2009, Beijing, China

Dr Apin Talisayon with Dr Chen Yu of WNERI, Beijing, China

Apin was invited by the World New Economics Research Institute to be one of the presentors at the Global Summit on Intellectual Capital held in Beijing, China last 22-23 August 2009. He made a presentation on "Defining Value for the Social Development Sector: the Role of Intellectual Capital." He met WNERI Chair and President Dr. Chen Yu (with Apin in the picture above) who after the conference offer Apin and Hong Kong-based colleague Vincent Leung to co-author a book on IC. The details of this offer is currently being negotiated.

In this conference Apin met Gordon Petrash and Baruch Lev (see picture below).

Apin Talisayon with Gordon Petrash and Baruch Lev in Beijing

Dr. Talisayon designated a Committee Member/Program Track Chair of ICKM 2009, December, Hong Kong

Apin accepted an invitation to be a Committee Member and Program Track Chair for the 6th International Conference on Knowledge Management which was held on December 3-4, 2009 in Hong Kong.

Impact Evaluation of APO Projects
July-September 2009, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka

Together with APO Research and Planning Programme Officer Kamlesh Prakash, Apin Talisayon travelled to interview past participants and their superiors in APO Multi-Country Projects (MCP), and company beneficiaries of APO Demonstration Projects and Technical Expert Services (TES) Projects in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore and the Philippines. Apin also analyzed results of several hundred emailed surveys to MCP, demo and TES experts and beneficiaries. He will present his report to a meeting of NPO heads in October 2009.

Dr. Talisayon is now a member of the KM for Development Journal Editorial Board, Netherlands

KM4Dev journal banner

Last 17 December 2008 Apin accepted the invitation of the Journal to join its Editorial Board. He also contibuted an article in its May 2009 issue entitled "Organisational energy and other meta-learning: case studies of knowledge management in nine Asian countries" (Vol. 5, No. 1, May 2009, 21-38). The Journal is published by Routlege.

Research Monograph on Monitoring and Evaluation in KM for Development
February 2009, IKM Emergent, Netherlands

IKM Emergent accepted the research monograph written by Apin, where he reviewed the issues and recent developments, and made concrete proposed next steps for M&E in knowledge management applied to the development sector.

Tenth Asia-Pacific Knowledge Management Conference
December 4, 2008, Hong Kong

Hong Kong KM conference

At this conference, Apin presented on the topic "Service Innovation: Some Philippine Trends and Experiences" which he prepared with Jasmin Suministrado (Director for KPA Programs) and Alwin Sta. Rosa (Board Member).

Conference on Innovation in Managing Knowledge for the Competitive Edge
June 30-July 1, 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Larry Prusak (US), Patrick Lambe (Singapore), Dave Snowden (UK) and Serafin Talisayon (Philippines) were the foreign speakers in the KM conference at Kuala Lampur last June 30 -July 1 sponsored by the International Islamic University of Malaysia and Paradigm Systems Berhad. The new things that emerged in this particular KM conference are: role of EQ in KM, personal KM including importance of self-reflection in learning, and explorations in "wisdom" and ethics.

Book on "Knowledge Management in Asia" Published
June 2008

APO Book

The Asian Productivity Organization recently launched a book entitled “Knowledge Management in Asia: Experiences and Lessons” edited by Dr. Serafin Talisayon. Dr. Talisayon served as chief expert for the survey of good KM practices in Asia which were reported in the publication. A copy of the book can be downloaded from http://www.apo-tokyo.org/00e-books/IS-30_KnowledgeMgtAsia.htm.

"The survey of good KM practices described in this book validated earlier concepts and yielded useful new insights that can help the APO improve its program to assist NPOs in KM and to help member countries to move toward knowledge-based development (KBD). The case studies in this volume provide evidence that success in the Asian organizations studied is viewed not only as stemming from intelligent management of knowledge assets but also from supportive relationships and caring leadership that motivate knowledge workers in Asia to perform at their best."

— Foreword by Shigeo Takenaka, Secretary-General, APO, Tokyo—

KPA Framework Presented in Singapore
March 24-25, 2008, Singapore

Apin Talisayon read a paper co-authored with Jasmin Suministrado at the Singapore Management University's conference on "Knowledge Architectures for Development" last March 24-25, 208. The paper was entitled "Knowledge for Poverty Alleviation: a Framework for Design and Evaluation of Development Projects for Low-Income Communities." In the picture above are: Dr. Thomas Menkhoff, the conference organizer; Derek Chen of the World Bank Institute which led in the formulation of the KBE model, Dr. Hans-Dieter Evers of the Center for Development Research of Bonn University, and Apin Talisayon, Director for R&D of CCLFI.

Bangkok KM Conference Proceedings Published
January 2008

APO Publication

The 2007 Bangkok KM conference proceedings edited by Apin was recently released by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO). The conference was entitled "Knowledge Management: From Brain to Business; APO International Productivity Conference 2007" held in Bangkok, Thailand last 18-19 January 2007.

The proceedings can be freely downloaded from: http://www.apo-tokyo.org/00e-books/IS-25_IPC2007/IS-25_IPC2007_Report.pdf

Global KM Leadership Meeting, WHO
November 6, 2007, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office, Manila

The WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO) hosted a Global KM Leadership Meeting among KM focal persons in various WHO regional offices. Apin presented "KM in Asia" based on the results of the 9-country Asian Productivity Office (APO) survey of KM practices and the proceedings of IPC 2007 KM Conference on "From Brain to Business" where APO and the Thailand Productivity Institute invited speakers from Asian winners of MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise award).

APO Study Meeting on KM Measurement
October 23-26, 2007, Pasig City, Philippines

The APO and the Development Academy of the Philippines hosted the Study Meeting on KM Measurement last October 23-26, 2007 where Apin made a presentation on "Overview of KM Measurements in APO Member Countries." In the picture are (from left to right) Mr. Kamlesh Prakash, APO Program Officer in charge of KM; Rory Chase, CEO of Teleos (UK) who runs the MAKE Awards; Apin (one of the resource persons); John Vucko from Australia (another resource person) and a participant.

Technical Note on Asian Experiences in Knowledge-Based Economy
October 2007, Asian Development Bank

In the last week of October 2007, the Asian Development Bank released a technical note entitled "Moving toward Knowledge-Based Economies: Asian Experiences." Apin Talisayon and Jasmin Suministrado contributed substantially to researching and drafting this ADB publication. This publication introduced the concept of "knowledge-based development" or KBD which is a synthesis of two major emerging development paradigms: sustainable development and knowledge management. Unlike the earlier KBE or knowledge-based economy concept introduced by the World Bank, it includes KM applied to the socio-cultural and natural-environmental domains. It captures the broader-than-economic scope that many Asian governments intended when they issued national policies on "knowledge-based society and economy" (Thailand IT2010), "qualitative accomplishments throughout society rather than quantitative expansion of the Internet" (e-Korea Vision 2006), and "knowledge-emergent society" (e-Japan).

APO Study Meeting on KM Framework
September 25-28, 2007, Pasig City, Philippines

The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) hosted an APO study meeting on KM framework. Apin and Alwin were invited by DAP to attend the welcome dinner for the participants and resource persons.

Enhancing NPO's Core Competence: Workshop on KM Consultancy
September 3-6, 2007, Subang Jaya, Malaysia

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) sponsored a workshop entitled "Enhancing NPOs' Core Competence: Workshop on Knowledge Management Consultancy". The workshop was hosted by the NPC of Malaysia. CCLFI board member Alwin Sta. Rosa presented a paper on "Improving KM Consulting Practice towards Premium Value Creation" and facilitated a workshop on "Tracking and measuring results, linking KM to BSC, TQM, etc." CCLFI Director Apin Talisayon was designated Coordinator and Chief Facilitator of the workshop, where he designed and coordinated a program to help NPOs improve their KM consulting capacities. The event was another opportunity for widening the Asian network of the CCLFI.

2007 Indonesian Knowledge Management Conference and Workshop
August 1-3, 2007, Jakarta, Indonesia

Apin was invited by Dunamis Organization Services to Jakarta last August 1-3 to give a talk at the Indonesian KM Conference, to summarize the initial results of the 9-country survey of Asian KM practices. The APO sponsored the trip of Apin. Alwin, a member of the CCLFI Board of Directors, was also invited by Dunamis, to give a workshop on "Integrating KM with TQM, BSC and other Tools for Premium Value Creation".

2007 International Productivity Conference
January 18-19, 2007, Bangkok, Thailand

Apin was engaged by APO to serve as rapporteur and editor of proceedings of the 2007 International Productivity Conference, which is sponsored by APO every three years. For 2007, the theme was "KM: from Brain to Business". It was co-sponsored by the Thailand Productivity Institute. It was held on 18-19 January 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand. Winners of Global and Asian MAKE award (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Siemens, Toyota, Tata Group and Buckman Laboratories were invited to describe their KM practices. Apin, in his capacity as editor, met Prof. Ikujiro Nonaka, the renowned KM guru, who was the lead speaker in the conference.

APO Meeting of National KM Experts
August 14-15, 2006, Bangkok, Thailand

Apin was engaged by APO as Chief Expert to head a 16-month project on "Survey on the Status of Knowledge Management in Member Countries". A Coordination Meeting among National Experts in nine Asian countries was held in Bangkok in August 14-15 to agree on procedures and outputs. Each expert will write a paper to describe the national situation on KM adoption, and at least two case studies of exemplary organizations which adopted KM. It is anticipated that a book will be published by APO by December 2007 as a result of this survey. In this meeting, Apin met Mr. Andiral Purnomo of Dunamis Organization Services, a consulting company in Jakarta, Indonesia, who invited Apin to speak in the following year at a KM Conference in Jakarta.

Study Meeting on KM Measurements
December 6-9, 2005, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

APO organized a Study Meeting on KM Measurements at Yogyakarta, Indonesia last December 6-9, 2005. The meeting was attended by Apin. Alwin was designated resource person; he presented "Measuring the Intangibles: Methodological Issues and Prospects for Developing a Common Framework in the Asian Environment". Part of the event was a trip by participants to Borobudur, an old Buddhist temple. Apin met a participant from Mongolia, Mr. Chinbat Dugeree, who invited the Center in the following year to give a one-week workshop training in KM for top executives of his company, the Baganuur Joint Stock Company.