Post-Project Knowledge Capture

CCLFI and TeaM Energy Center for Bridging Societal Divides, of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), partnered in 2009 to draft an e-manual on “Post-Project Knowledge Capture” and apply the process in one of the projects of AIM. The two organizations agreed to apply for joint copyright the e-manual and thereafter to freely distribute the e-manual to the development community.

Post-project knowledge capture is a process for documenting lessons and other tacit insights learned by project staff, and for collecting re-usable knowledge products (e.g. work templates, directories, manuals, checklists, etc.) useful for future similar projects. Post-project knowledge capture is a tool for cross-project learning. The benefits of using this tool are: better project performance, less mistakes, better anticipation and management of project risks, etc.

This process is different from the conventional project evaluation. The former is addressed to helping project implementors do a better job next time, while the former is addressed at verifying whether, and how far, a project has achieved its intended objectives.

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