39 Simple Low-Cost Projects in KM and Innovation

This e-book is a compilation of simple but very useful projects in knowledge management and innovation. The projects had been tested through almost 18 years of KM practice and consulting experience of CCLFI.

The mini-projects are arranged into six groups: 

  1. General | Example: Measuring the impace of a KM initiative
  2. Value Creation | Example: Convince Board Members on KM in one hour
  3. Sensing Customer Needs | Example: Problem Finding vs. Problem Solving
  4. Knowledge Workers and Teams | Example: Identifying Non-technical Skills that Affect Productivity the Most
  5. Performance Support Systems | Example: An Inexpensive Tool for Online Meetings and Follow-through M&E
  6. Motivational Factors and Organizational Energy | Example: Towards Optimum Personal Productivity: Your Peak Work Experiences